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Product Information on Vectra® LCP

Vectra® LCP polymer can be adjusted with a variety of fillers and reinforcing materials to meet demanding application requirements. The new color portfolio has a class A finish in a range of vibrant colors. In this guide you’ll find a Vectra LCP portfolio fit for your application needs. Vectra LCP is the trade name of a range of melt processable liquid crystal polymers (LCP) characterized by very good heat resistance.

Vectra is characterized by:

  • Continuous service temperatures up to 240°C, short-term up to 340°C
  • Very good chemical and oxidation resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Very low water absorption
  • Flash-free injection molding

The Vectra LCP range is built around several base polymers, which differ in their high temperature resistance, rigidity and flow ability.

Celanese, a global leader in liquid crystal polymers, offers exceptional processing and performance with the advanced polymer Vectra® LCP.