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Transdermal Drug Delivery Innovation with EVA

This whitepaper explores where EVA is used in transdermal applications throughout the body. Transdermal Drug Delivery (TDD) can offer constant drug levels, reduced dose frequency and offers a non-invasive procedure that can be self-administrated when compared to IV delivery. With this advantage, TDD has experienced great commercial success.

Read about how this technology has been advancing patents and driving the development of new drugs. Explore the complexities of the three common transdermal patch designs: reservoir, polymer matrix, and drug-in-adhesives. Discover the technical details, the make-up of these varying designs, and how they differ in rate of delivery. See how EVA can be used in controlled release functions. EVA can also be used as a rate-controlling membrane in transdermal patches, and in the impermeable backing of patches to make them compatible, breathable, and conformable. Read this whitepaper and discover how EVA is driving innovation in TDD.